Your life. Your story.

A unique set of experiences, or winding life paths may have been the motivating force
behind your decision to commit yourself to a rewarding career in EMS. We want to hear
your story. Whether it was a personal event early in life, a family tradition, or simply a
lifelong desire to help people, your story deserves to be told.

Follow along as we travel the country to share REAL stories from REAL people working in
EMS. Your story could be featured at EMS World Expo in Orlando. Fill out the form below.

  • Derrick Caddell, EMT-P

    “I’ve always been the guy that pulls over and helps the old lady change her tire on the side of the road.”

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  • Sara Dyke, EMT-P

    “I could never be a 9-5 job type person in front of a desk. I like to be out there, hands-on.”

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  • Alfredo Salazar, Jr., EMT-P

    “At the end of the day, it just feels really good to be able to help people.”

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  • Landon Coleman, EMT-P

    “There’s no other job like it in the world.”

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“EMTs are privileged to play in life’s great game. Too many
unlucky people watch the action thunder by, stuck at a
desk, or watching it on television at home.”

Kelly Grayson, NRP, CCP